Why use a Christian Financial Adviser?

  • Personal financial planning advice from an independent financial advisor who shares your values
  • Create a financial plan in line with God-given goals for your life
  • Financial strategy on how to give strategically, tax-efficiently and generously
  • Receive financial wisdom rooted in biblical principles

Christian Financial Management

Regarding financial planning, the Bible is full of guidance on stewardship, possessions and money. In fact, it has more verses about possessions than faith and prayer. As Christian financial advisors, our principle aim is to provide a personal financial plan that will pave the way for you to reach your God-given objectives and enable you to be an effective steward of all that God has given you.

It’s our belief and experience that one of the keys to successful financial strategy lies in working with you to define what your financial goals and aspirations are. Like the postcode you pop into the Sat Nav, it’s important that before you start you have a good idea of what’s required to ensure that the journey is completed successfully and you end up where you want to be. Goal planning is at the heart of our advice service.

 Also at the heart of our business are the ongoing relationships we build with you, our clients, based on confidentiality and trust. This value, combined with our holistic approach to defining your financial goals, enables us to produce a personalised plan with comprehensive recommendations. We can offer you the most suitable range of financial solutions, carefully considering the possible consequences and implications to your life.

Our range of financial planning services includes: cash flow analysis and ongoing income management; lump sum investment, ongoing portfolio management, pensions and retirement planning; inheritance tax planning and tax-efficient giving; donating to charity and financial goal-setting.

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