Making a difference through tax effective giving
Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust was set up in 2006 by the directors as a charitable arm of Trinity Wealth Management as a means of giving something back to society. Between 10 -20% of the annual company profits are donated into the Trust, to implement Trinity’s passion to see lives transformed thanks to charitable giving and philanthropic advice.

Indeed, our company’s focus on giving money is often a reason for clients to use us. In addition, they have the facility – and are encouraged – to use the Trust as a vehicle for their own charitable donations. This can be achieved as part of their financial and tax planning.

Clearing Trusts
The Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust works for clients along the same lines as the well-known Sovereign and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) schemes, by acting as a clearing trust for their personal charity donations. This involves the accounting, claiming Gift Aid and distribution of any gift to the Trust.

Corporate giving
Naturally, we ensure that our corporate giving via Trinity Ministries supports charities in which due diligence has been fulfilled. Therefore we can confidently keep our clients informed about the projects, which we hope may inspire them to join with us in providing funds.

Mission to charities
Both the giver and the receiver benefit from up-to-date financial planning which makes it simpler to distinguish what is available to give away. Our advice for top donors can help charities increase their income.

If you are involved in a charity and would be interested in learning more about us and Trinity Ministries Charitable Trust, please do contact us.

Trinity Wealth Management director Jon Cobb thanks clients for their charitable giving via the Trust to build a school in the Dominican Republic.

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