Do you want these financial planning benefits:

  • A professional relationship built on trust, with an independent financial advisor who understands and shares your faith
  • Wealth management with immediate access to your fund values at any time
  • Prayerful annual review of your goals, adapting your financial plan to address any changes
  • Monitor progress to keep on track towards meeting your financial planning goals and dreams

At Trinity Wealth Management we say that the most important part of your financial advisor’s role is to walk with you every step of the way until you have reached the goal which you had planned for. After all, if you stood at the bottom of Everest and your Sherpa pointed to the summit and said “Just head up there”, you probably wouldn’t make it! It’s the same with financial planning – your advisor will share your values so will understand exactly what you are aiming to achieve.

Reviewing your financial plan and the investment portfolio is a vital part of our wealth management service. Your goals can change or may need to be adapted as circumstances alter. We use technology to allow you to keep informed of the value of your investments but we find that it is important to meet with you face to face at least once a year to review your plan and portfolio. This way we can tailor our investment advice to ensure you stay on track to reach that summit.

A trusted relationship between an advisor and client cannot be cultivated over one meeting, and we are proud to have looked after some of our valued clients for more than two decades offering ongoing wealth management.

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