Implementing our investment advice and investing your funds

  • Will my pension provide for me in retirement and how can I maximise the inheritance I leave my family?
  • What are the best investments to ensure a social impact?
  • I wish to have more time, energy and resources to spend on what I feel God is calling me to.
  • Will my current investments give me the best chance of achieving my goals?

Having determined your financial planning goals and presented your personal plan, we implement an investment strategy that will ensure your financial goals are reached. Our Investment Committee meets every three months to appraise the investment landscape and to review the crafted 15 model portfolios which account for not only the level of risk but also the timescale to realising your goals and dreams.

For many clients, investing in funds that are socially responsible is important. At Trinity we work with a third party to ensure that the funds we recommend in our investment advice have been independently screened and, more importantly, the social impact of each portfolio can be measured.

The implementation of your plan will include, where required, investment advice on pensions, inheritance tax planning, and ongoing investment management portfolio. We will review the suitability of any existing products or investments you already hold.

As Trinity Wealth Management is an independent firm of financial planners, we have the ability to source the “whole of market”. This means that we can access the most suitable solution for your particular need, ensuring our investment advice is unbiased.

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